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Friday, March 4, 2011

Game life

I get myself to game again since I know use Iphone as modem also can play online game
Well, such a good new for me.
This game can be the 1st game that I really 'concentrate' played..Lmao
But I'm nt foolish as others

What's goin on?

Kinda funny things for me.
In this game,we can marry to someone who u prefer to.
So do I.
but how come some 'couples' are so serious on it.
They'll argue because of jealousy.
A give something to C and A's wife(B) get angry and scolding him on facebook~!!

X, from south of my country gonna find Y, from north of my country
because they're in love in this game.

Well,it all just some examples of those couples.
I really can't understand, how come people will use thousand money for the online game.
what they really need from the game?
being famous?
They can argue thru a thing that we call it speaker.
It's cost rm3.90 for an announcement.
If the one who playing this kind of speaker is below 20 yrs old.
It still can be acceptable.
When I know they're 30++, I'm shocked.
Woaaahh~they're insane~!!

Ooops~! I can't judge people since I also playing this game.
but I'm not over for it.
I just keep myself awake till now.........Lmao~

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