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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Updated for my life

Well~It seems to take a long time for my new article here
I don't know how to start it
My life was just busy with works
yet,I need it more.

Staying under aunt's house
wasn't convenience for me
Every thing I have to do by following her rules,her logics.
I miss my lovely home.

How was my daddy?mommy?sisters?
Yet,got some condition won't change.
Dad,I hope not to waste your money anymore and don't want rely on you
Mom,I hope you can be healthy all the time,be tough..I know you're the one always concern and worry bout me
Aiyee,I hope you really can figure out your path for you career.Don't step back my path.
Kuan,Swee&KarFoo,I hope you really can be more obedient and don't obey mommy and criticize her

The place I working now is located at Bandar Mentari
venue:RoyalThai,798 Wine Bar
as a bar ambassador.
Well,I persuade myself that my job is clean and just do the same thing as PR.
I have to train myself to drink more while I easy get drunk.
I just wanna get the money and spend it on my tuition fee,materials,needs..blablabla~

But now,something had changed.
My laptop had been stolen
So on,my cousin.
my first reaction was shocked.
it is unbelievable,unacceptable
I cried,not for the laptop
I cried for the memory with you
The memory,my kampar life with you

I asked the picture from you
I tried to get it back
well,your response make me depressed.
you had deleted them earlier.

I talk to myself,I should
forget the way you chase me
forget the place we walked
forget the way you kiss&hug me before sleep
forget the way you look at me and your sight
forget the way..........etc.
congratulation to you and you new gf.=)

For now
I've to appreciate the time with sifatjing
even we have nothing at all
flirter?friend's lover?
Well,I don't want figure out the answer.

be tough be happy